Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Casey James Band is Official!!

Hey Everybody!!  Great News has broke!!!!  Casey James is now OFFICIAL everywhere!!!  His official Website is up, his official Facebook is up, his official Myspace is up, his official You Tube is going, his twitter has been declaired official, and his ILike is up.  I know about every one of these except, iLike...Don't know a thing in the world about this social network.  But maybe I'll learn, because I want to be a part of everything he is!!  

I would have been on sooner this afternoon talking about this, but my niece and nephew were in an accident, (they are ok thank God)   He was hit in his driver door, T-boned, but walked away without as much as a headache.....the newer generic car, was totally mashed in the front and the passengers went to the hospital to be checked out.  It was obvious his old truck took good care of my family!!  I stand by those old vehicles.....they were made with steel and welds, not fiberglass and rivets!  The only reason his truck is totaled is because it slammed the frame and moved it, so it would cost a fortune to fix it, if it could even be fixed, (most of the time not) but not a huge dent in the door, just a small one compared to the car, and thats why they were safe!  Thank God for old trucks!!  Casey likes old trucks too, and I believe they are much safer than todays vehicles!  They just don't make 'em like they used to! :)

Ok, now on to the most fantastic news we've heard in quite some time!!!   How many of you are excited for Casey!?!?  I know I am, and this means that the ball is rolling and we better get ready cause the Casey news is about to start flowing!!

Here is Casey on his new You Tube channel and giving US our First message!!

I just love him to pieces!!!  What a sweet guy!!!  I absolutely LOVED the laugh at the beginning!!!  And he looks sooooo Happy and WELL!!!!

I'm going to post all the links now to all his new places, ok?  Yall check 'em all out and sign up to be a part of all of 'em so we can keep up with everything he's doing, so we don't miss anything!!

Casey James Band Official Facebook Page

Casey James Band Official Website

Casey James Band Official Myspace Page

Casey James Band Official You Tube

Casey James Official Twitter

Casey James Band Official iLike Page

Ok, there you have it......ALL of Casey's official sites, all in one little spot!!  Lets all sign up and friend and be a productive part all this Casey stuff!!  His twitter is actually the original twitter, looks like it hasn't been changed at all.  So most of us are already a part of that!!

Here is a WoW picture of our boy back during the Idol Tour last summer!!  I will be so glad when his official site posts some new photos of him from the brand new photo shoot I know he's already done!!  And when I see a schedule......I will be elated!!!  Can't wait to post that schedule here and keep everybody up on what show is next and see videos and pics from fans of the shows just finished!!!  It's gonna be like in the summer all over again, that is.....if the fans do videos and pictures and post them everywhere, like before.....  I'm not even gonna worry about it, because Casey DOES have some very dedicated fans and yall WILL make sure videos and pics are posted.....everywhere!!!  Right???  Yall don't let me down now!!!

Thanks to Jenn Johnston for this awesome shot!

I'm not sure that *WOW* is a good enough description for this shot........I can almost See him "Feeling" his music....if that makes sense to yall.  He's there........he's feeling everything he's doing and when I watch him......I go there with him!!!  I know I'm not the only one either, because Casey has a way of bringing us right into the music with him!!  He's fantabulous!!! :D  I will support him till my dying day, the guy deserves the best, because he gives HIS best, to us!!! :)

Before I go, I wanted to give a VERY GREAT BIG THANK YOU to every one of you, who have sent me the coolest Christmas Cards ever!!!  And your welcome to each of you who have been having a blast with this too and thanking me!!  I love this!!!  I've heard people talking about it, so I am going to do something too.....when I have all my cards, I'll take a picture of the door I have them hung on and post it here for all of you to see!!  
I'm also going to be making some appearance changes on here as I'm adding new links to the now 1 side bar, so yall bear with me and we get dressed for the future!! :)

And if Casey by some small chance reads this......I want to thank him and BNA and Sony Nashville for giving us ALL a very special early Christmas present by making The Casey James Band official in every way!!!  I just can't hardly wait to get started on what happens next!!!  It's going to be an awesome ride yall, so put your seat belts on and get ready to be ROCKED by The Casey James Band!!!

I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!   Love and Hugs to all of you!!!

Until next time...........


  1. What a GREAT DAY !!!What a gorgeous CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!I'm very happy and so excited.Dear Glenda,thank you, thank you very much for this wonderful site!I wish you healthy Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!Love from a very snowy Latvia. God bless.

  2. Hi Glenda
    Thank you so much for posting all this great info. So happy for Casey and the band.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  3. Karen Smith from HillsboroDecember 21, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    Thanks again, Glenda. Thank God your family is okay. Hope your holidays are wonderful. What a perfect week with all the Casey Christmas cards and a special message from him. His "ha,ha,ha" is as fun as Santa's "ho,ho,ho". Love to you and all our Caseymania friends.

  4. Right now there are only a handful of comments on the official website. . .i think people read the site and right above the video didn't realize that if a link that takes you to a comment page, so please leave comments on the new site!!

  5. i hope caseys fans aren't giving up on him.i usually check at least once aday for any news.
    i don't usually leave a comment on the front
    page when its bands i've never heard of.i did
    enjoy the story on john lennon.i watched the cable network show last night about his last hours that was the most senseless murder there ever was.such a talent.i dont think i've ever seen a more happy couple except for maybe paul and linda mccartney.

  6. just my opinion, but i think it might help if he were to tweet at least once aweek.just to
    keep his fans updated on what has been going on.i don't tweet but i do read them.

  7. Glenda, thank you for keeping the news rolling about Casey! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing what 2011 will bring for the
    Casey James Band! :)

  8. When you look at Jenn's awesome photo from the Minneapolis concert, remember how sick Casey was! In spite of it all, it was like being on stage with his music was better than any medicine could have been! He rallied and was amazing! I saw him before he performed when he went to the bus to get his guitar and I thought - how on earth can he perform?? But he did and so very well!! She showed us the pictures on her camera after the concert, and I was blown away!! Jenn captured his spirit!!