Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a couple things.....I'm still tired..... I am again.  I'm still tired from last week.....I hope I get my energy back soon!  I could go to sleep sitting here, right now.....(yawn.....)....but I can't!  Stuff to do!!  
Hey.....I came across something very awesome last night!!!   There's another Casey song that has surfaced!!  Yes!!!  And he wrote it!!  The name of it is  "She"..... love the title.....very different!  ok, I had to wait till someone posted it on YouTube because I'm still not understanding how those M4 or MP3's or whatever they!!   But.....Someone posted it on there, so I saved it to my favorites and I have it here, for!!!  Give it a listen......


Thanks Maria for making this cool video!!
I'm gonna be listening to this over and over......because it's new to me!!!!  I just LOVE it!!!!  Yall let me know what ya think of it!!
From what I gather.....this song was recorded in a radio station.....KNON....about a year a go this month, with Momma James singing backup harmonies with him!  There's just something to be said about the sound of family's undeniably beautiful every time I hear it!

Picture time>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I just love his smile in this picture!  I captured this from the "Don't Stop" Video.  It's just a little bit blurry, but not much.  I needed to set my camera on a different setting, and after I posted this picture......I figured out what I needed to do!  I had my mm set too high, so I lowered it, in hopes of getting better pictures now!! :)

Ok, who has not seen this very cool article by my friend Cheryl Clark??  This is an article Cheryl sent in to Nashville Music Guide and they printed it!  He's donned as the "King of Cool".....So Awesome!!  They also posted one of the most famous pictures of Casey to'll see.......check it out   "Here"


  1. Thank you for posting She, my goodness he is so wonderful, I hope his Mama can harmonize on some of his releases. Boy, sure do love him. Can't wait to hear him on the radio and see him on TV and in concert. So exciting!

  2. i love this picture of casey,that smile of his.......but i've never been crazy about the other one.hairs too poofy and he looks to posed.

  3. LOVED the article and REALLY LOVED the song "She". Everytime I hear new Casey news I get so excited...can't wait for his CD!!!! Thanks, Glenda, you're the best!!!!


  4. Glenda, just loved the picture of Casey as usual. I also have listened to his song "SHE"
    more then I can count. I just loved it! My gosh how talented can one person be - amazing songwriter, musician and singer - he's got it all! Oh I forgot - and he's so darn good looking to boot. I can't wait for his CD.

    Susan/St Louis

  5. Thanks so much ladies!! I just can't hardly wait till news is just everywhere about him!! It makes my job here on Caseymania sooooo much easier!! In like all of you I'm just so anxious for news... Any news!!! But what I really want is to hear that his 1st single is being released!!!! I'm so waiting on that!! As I know all of you are too as well!!! Y'all just stick with me and we're gonna follow Casey all the way through his career until we see him take the male vocalist of the year title or better yet...the Enertainer of the Year title!!!! I can see it now!! Ok, that's enough dreaming outloud for now... Thank you all for hanging in there and supporting our boy any way you can!! He needs us all to just be there for him all the way through this very huge transition in his life!!! Thanks y'all love to you all!!