Friday, October 15, 2010

Here I sit in Terrell Texas.......

Hey yall....what's up?  Me??   I'm in Terrell Texas at a Starbucks with sister Janet!  She's a nun ya know....!!  Not really!!!  We been working our tails off selling all this stuff, and we're doing pretty good too!  But we are beat at the end of the day...that's for sure!!!  This is going to have to be a small update because.........Janet locked her keys in the shop where we stored everything for tonight and she don't have a key to it, and her van keys were in the shop and her van was locked with her purse in it and a window part of the way down, so I stuck my long arm in the window being the smart people we are and quickly unlocked the door only to be startled to death with the alarm going off!!!  No keys to stop it....omg!!!   So.....she's riding back with me and hanging out here.....only because she has to!!  Anyway, we've been having a good time and selling lots of things and staying busy!  I don't think I've worked this hard in 10 years or so!! 

Well, I just read on facebook that Cindy Hodges mailed off the quilt she was putting together with love from all of us!!  If you are on facebook here is the link to all the pictures of it!  It is amazing!!!  thank you so much Cindy for taking so much time to do this for all of are awesome!!

Cindy's finished quilt pictures

And for those of you who are not on facebook, here is a great picture of it!!!  Isn't it beautiful??!!

Casey is just going to love this!!!  Thank you again Cindy!!!

Hey....somebody posted the cutest most adorable little baby Casey I've EVER seen!!!  Now, for those of you who have not seen it or are not on Facebook, here ya go!!  Is this the most adorable baby you've ever seen??

And when he grew up he turned into this.......

Lord have mercy on's drooling  right now!!!  Not really, but she did help me pick this awesome photo out!!  And this is who we all came to love on the reality show.....American ....something??   LOL!!!

Anyway, gotta run gals and guys!  Talk more later, we are tired and dirty and in bad need of a shower and a movie!!   Janet says "Hey yall"!!! 
Until later on....not sure when I'll be back....but I will!!


  1. thank you so much Glenda for posting the quilt on Caseymania! It was my great honor and with my heart warming love and kindness for all you CJCC Sisters and fans that helped contribute to this Quilt for casey that was put together and made with pride and alot of weary hours that it was sown together with nothing but pure love from us all for Casey.Also, along with God giving me the strength and wisom and the talent to get it done. Fore; He said that Casey shall be covered in warmth and Love from his people his Fans, and it shall be done with such grace and with all that is in you to convey it not only to your fellow members but it shall be also be the one thing that will get Casey through his rough times in the times to come in his new career. I would personnally like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you gals.May Casey find his strength to carryon with this Quilt, also may Casey see the love from each of us in the Quilt and hold it dearly in his arms and Smile and always know that each of us is there for him for as long he shall need us.

    Cindy Hodges

  2. And such a sweet face,Caseys face matches his personalety. I miss CASEY SOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH,I just dont know what to do with myself, but im sure the wait will be well worth it,because i know he is very busy, very, very, busy, making us some good ,good,good music. Can't wait. LINDA

  3. No doubt, Casey is one fine looking man no matter what picture your looking at!!!! I miss Casey also but the wait will be worth it. Everybody will know his name and know what a wonderful musician/singer he is.

    Susan/St Louis

  4. OMG...Casey's baby pic...ADORABLE!!!! I'm missing Casey news, as well, but I am willing to wait patiently for news about him...HE IS SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!!! LUV HIM!!!