Sunday, September 26, 2010

CMA fest.....Some useful Information for future reference

Hello everybody!  Well, it's certainly getting cooler in Texas now....hey....I just realized we are in the 60's for the first time in a long time, that I know of anyway!  It's 65 right now and going to be in the mid 50's tonight!  Yes!!!!  My kind of weather!!!  It renews my strength when the weather is cool, makes me want to get up and do something, that why I haven't posted earlier today!  I been busy doing some much needed housework.  It's hard to keep up with it, and my dogs are so messy, with their slobbery jaws and all!  (3 Boxers)  Rocky especially wants to drink a ton of water then come and climb in my lap, all 100 lbs of him and proceed to try and lick my face off, with slobber flying!!  Believe me, he doesn't get away with it.....I somehow get the strength to push him back to the floor before I get too drenched!!  Ha ha!  I have to clean up after them all the time, but I wouldn't trade those wet kisses for anything!   But I would like them not to drag their wet jaws all over my furniture....but....what do ya do??  They're my babies!! :)  Brandy (L) Rocky (C) Brody (R)

I'm actually doing this and trying to keep up with whats going on with Ice Road that show!  I'm an ex-trucker so shows like that always catch my attention!  But I wouldn't do what they do for a million dollars and whatever they're paid, it ain't enough!!  I wouldn't be able to take the stress of driving an 80,000 lb. rig on a frozen lake!!

I wanted to touch on a subject that has come up a few times, and I let people know what's going on with it!   Every year, the 2nd week of June, Nashville turns into a non-stop music filled, fun filled city for 4 days and nights!  It's called "CMA Fest" and if you've never been, please do yourself a favor and buy your tickets and make plans to go in June, 2011.  It's worth every penny you spend for it!!   When you buy your ticket, whatever seat you have bought, that is your seat at LP Field for all 4 nights of shows.  You only pay once!  You can have your tickets mailed to you, so that when you get the package, you have this little protective sleeve and you slide your Ticket down in it and it's on a string..... not a string, but a necklace thing, made of material, (duh....I can't think of what it's called! :D) and you have to wear it around your neck so all security can see you have it, since it's an open type event.  But you can also pick them up at will call if you so please.  And they look so official and cool!!    There is so many things to do, see, and hear!!  Everybody whose anybody is there and most of them are performing at the festival, and some of them twice during the 4 days!   Casey will definitely be there performing next year, and hopefully twice!!  I would love to see him on the Big Stage at LP Field.  That is where the Big Shows happen at night, and they are good about scheduling the up and coming new stars!!  Danny Gokey (American Idol also) was there this year.  So I'm almost certain Casey will be there on the Big Stage!!  Don't worry, we will know far in advance where and what time he will be performing!  Make sure you check Caseymania often for the latest updates on it!
There is a stage called the Riverfront Stage too, that Casey will more than likely be playing at as well.  And at the Riverfront, if we can get there early enough.....maybe 2 hours in advance, we can be right up in front of the stage and see Casey close up!!!  Then they have the Chevy Stage, and I noticed there were a variety of acts doing their thing there.  I got to see Doug Stone there, and he's always been one of my favorite singers from back in the 90's!  After his show, he came right over to the fence and started talking and taking pictures with the fans.....and of course yours truly was in line for that one!!  Got me a big ole' sweaty hug too!! :)  Great guy and a great singer, still sounds good too!!   Alot of cool things go on there!  There's at least one more stage, I think it's at Sports Zone.  They have different zones, which I didn't get to visit all of them, but there's family zone and fun zone, I know for sure.   Fan Fair Hall is  where you can see just about any star, but be prepared to wait in line some for the HUGE stars!  But it's air conditioned inside and lots of stars have booths set up and you just walk around in there and go see your favorites at specific times when they are at their booths.  At the start of the whole thing, you'll get a welcome packet and a CMA fest tote bag with all kinds of goodies....for free, just show your badge, or Ticket that will be around your neck, and get it at the Bridgestone Arena.  There's usually good directions anywhere you're trying to get to.  There is also a map with the events and where they are located so you can find your way around.  In the bag also is a schedule of every single thing thats going on, so just make your plans according to who and what you want to see.  And there's fresh lemonade on every corner and plenty of eating places!  I could go on and on, but just go to the CMAfest website and check it out, they have pictures of this years events and everything!  If you want to check out the tickets or go ahead and purchase yours, look on the left side of the page and under the scrolling marquee you'll see  Get 2011 Tickets   just click on that and your on your way!!  I hope to see many of you from across the country and out of the states too at that event next year!!!

"CMA Fest Website & Tickets"

 Another thing I'm so hoping for is a Casey James Band Fan Club Party!   During the CMA fest is when a lot of the artists have their fan club parties,  somewhere in Nashville.  I went to Bucky Covington's last year and it was only $35 and was held at Rocketown.  They have them at all different venues all over town.  For that $35 you get a full meal, a meet and greet with the artist, a goodie bag, and a show from the artist....and the sheer joy of meeting all those people you've been talking to online at different social networks!  To me, that was the most rewarding part of the whole party, finally getting to meet those other people who shared the same intrests as you!!  It's a blast, let me tell you!!!     Alot of the artists only put on an acoustic show, but Bucky put on a full band show, which is a rarity in itself!  This could be the meeting that alot of us from around the world could finally get to as a group.  I've also got the perfect hotel, with large rooms, very clean and the people are very nice!  And the price is unbelievable at only like around 59 or 69 a night.  Free breakfast and it's just outside of the city limit.  But only like 7 minutes, (cause I timed it) to all the festivities!  I would rather be a little out like that.  And the main reason is because all the hotels in or around closer to town jack those prices up and it is un-be-liev-able!!!  Like 150 or 200, and up, much higher per night in town during those 4 days!!  That's highway robbery!!!  I would never jack my prices up just because I know I'm gonna sell all my sad!  But I found the perfect place, just outside the madness and the rooms are awesome!!!  So if any of you are interested just email me and I'll get you the information so you can get your room booked.  It needs to be done very early on so you'll know you have it, cause they sell out quick.  I reserved mine in January last year!  And if your coming alone, get with some of the other fans and find ya a room mate to share the expenses with!  It would be cool if All Casey's fans were at one a fun time we could have together!!

It seems Momma James was on twitter earlier and she was so excited about the new Fans of Casey James Book she got!!  She was at Grapevine lake today and it certainly made a beautiful backdrop for these nice shots of her!  She is just so beautiful.....

And I love her clothes!  I've never seen a shirt made like that, so cute!!  Thank you Debra for posting these on twitter for all of us to see!  You look absolutely marvelous......and happy and proud as any mom can be!!! :)

She also let us know that Casey had been in touch with her and he's making progress in finding the right people, it just takes time.  I'm assuming that means songwriters?  I also heard through the Grapevine that he may be back in Texas soon!  That's good to hear!  I know his momma and brother miss him!

I'm going to say goodnight all, and leave you with this really nice shot of our Casey..... and doesn't he pull off that purple flowerdy shirt well......

Is that a cute look or what???  Wonder what he was thinking???  Probably thinking......."why is this person taking a picture of my backside?"..... LOL!!
Talk to all of you any questions and I'll try and address them as soon as I can!! always.......thanks for being a Casey Fan!!!!


  1. Glenda, thanks for the interesting references.Very attractive - the Nashville Fest with a non- stop music filled,the beautiful Momma James at Grapevine lake with album,our Casey's flower child's smile with purple flowerdy shirt and your 3 naughty Boxer babies.

  2. thank you so much for the update,love the pics of your boxer babies.i too have a boxer name breed out their,and the most sensitive,there feelings get hurt so easily.

  3. Enjoyed reading your post. Loved the pic of your sweet boxers! My sister has had them in her family for years. They are so lovable and I love the adorable stubby tail jig they do when they see you. The pictures of Debra and the fan book are beautiful. Such a beautiful gift. She does look gorgeous, and love that top she's wearing, too. All the information on the CMA fest is so amazing, Glenda; you have put in so much work. I trust and hope for you, all Casey fans, and Casey a huge turnout!!! That last picture of Casey leaves me breathless!! He is such a cutie!!! = : )

  4. Thank you for all the CMA fest information...fascinating! Your puppies are beautiful...loved your story :) And those fantastic photos of Debra and the fan book. She is beautiful! Love that she posted those photos for all the fans. And that beautiful man in a beautiful shirt...THANK YOU!

  5. Thanks for all the CMA Fest information - I envy your Bucky Covington experience!! I'm so glad he's having success - seems like a fun guy and his relationship with his identical twin brother Rocky is sweet. (My fantasy crushes always seem to be musicians, long and lean with flowing blonde hair!)

    I think I could convince my husband to go to Nashville (from Toronto) for the CMA Fest but I'm going to wait to be sure Casey will be performing before I buy tickets. Thank you so
    much for sharing your knowledge about all things country music!

  6. Awww your welcome everybody! And thank you for hanging in there with me while the news is so slow! I am not a professional writer,so I have problems coming up with things to write about, but It's true, I'm pretty knowledgable about the Country Music thing! And Bucky is just a funloving 30 something kid!! He's a blast in concert! And as brothers do, he picks on poor little Rocky so bad!! But Rocky gets him back pretty good sometimes! Yea, @Mississ....I don't blame you for wanting to wait to make sure, but if he's not there this year....something is definitely I'm predicting right now that he definitely WILL be a huge part of it!! But it is a good idea to wait and see, you wouldn't want to spend all that money and then something happen and he's not there! We will know far in advance, either from the CMA fest site or from Casey's official website! the CMA website posts artists as soon as they are confirmed to play there. So I'll let all of you know as soon as it pops up somewhere!! I'm so excited!!

  7. Glenda, your 3 Boxers sure are sweet and I'm sure they keep you busy. Thanks for taking the time in giving us the information on the CMA FEST. I love the picture of Casey - what a beautiful man.

    Susan/St Louis

  8. Hey Glenda, I love how you've done the site. It's really informative. I think we should try and get a group to go to the CMA Fest next year. I remember you talking about it on FB and thought about how much fun it would be to go. Not only meet the artists but you too. Thanks for all the hard work you put into keeping us posted about all things Casey and the Casey James Band. Now if we could find out who will be in the band we would all be happy. Hope they announce soon that it's Billy and Jacy.

  9. Yes Sue, that is my hope that we can have a huge group of Casey fans there to support him as his career takes off!! Also I'm hoping that we get to have a fan club party, I dont think he even has an official fanclub yet! Hmmm maybe I should check into that, I'd be more than happy to run his fanclub!! What a dream job that would be!! :). But I bet I could do it!! :) I would love going to work every day!! Haha!

  10. Oh and Sue, thanks for wanting to meet me, how sweet of you!! I would love to meet each and every one of Casey's fans!!! What an honor that would be!! :)