Thursday, September 2, 2010

Casey's Journey on Idol......... nice pictures and more.....

Hey everybody!  Hope everyone is doing great today!  I know alot of us are probably suffering from withdrawals and not sure  what to do with ourselves....that's completely natural.  We don't have that daily, new Casey info we all look forward to every day!  But that's ok, it's natural to be feeling that way!  So....we're going to look back on Casey's journey on Idol and just see where it takes us!  I am so proud, as I'm sure thousands of you are as well, that I was there from the very beginning!   I saw that now famous shirtless audition in Denver and he was my pick to win it from that moment on.  I never questioned my decision, it felt right, is all I can make of it!  I saw in his eyes that day, the pure longing to be heard, the 'want to' in his eyes!  He wanted this more than anything in his life, and I, along with the rest of you, saw that, and was determined to give 100% of my time and effort to help him obtain it!!  As my friend, Mickey proudly displays on her facebook page, 'Casey James Cougar Club', "His looks may have gotten him noticed, but his talent kept us tuned in and voting!"   That just about sums it up for me!  Thats exactly how many of us feel to this day!  We saw something that some others did not see.....yet!  And he gained many many fans through the process of the show, as he came back week after week, desperately ill most of the time, and never let us down!  We all came to love his beautiful personality, his deep soul,his great mind, his awesome guitar skills and last but definitely not least.....his soulful, gritty, raw and sometimes tender vocals!!  No one sounds like him, he is unique on so many levels, although some people have likened him to Eddie Vedder, of Pearl Jam, and there is some similarity there, especially with the 'quiver in their purrs' someone said the other day!!  :) Casey is his own man, and I have faith that he will go very far in his new career, and I'm  proud to say, I will be there, every step of his journey, proudly supporting him with his rise to fame!!  Oh, he is famous now.....but we say in Texas.....'you ain't seen nothing yet'!! :)

Casey's Journey on Idol....

I'll be back in a little while with more........

Here's what Elliot had to say about our boy Casey at the Cincinnati show!  I grabbed just his review of Casey from MJs blog.

Casey James came on and though we both liked him, we weren’t flailing like we were with some of the other contestants. However, this dude can really shred a guitar and I have to admit that he’s the only one who could pull off switching guitars mid-song without it seeming douchey. I definitely see now why he got signed. His duet with Mike was more enjoyable than it was on the show, and they both sounded well on it. I give the edge to Casey, though.

This review was from a Lee fan, so considering that, I guess his take on Casey's set was pretty good!

More Mr. Pretty......coming right up......remember this??

Vampire week and the Ford Mustang!!!!


He's the best looking vampire I think I've ever seen....
and one more......just because........

It's hard to believe that vampire above is our Casey......he a vampire!  LOL!!

The Indianapolis Star had really nice things to say about our boy!!  Read all about it  "HERE"

I found another video from Indianapolis.....see how this is working??  I will continue to find stuff from the last few shows!!!  And he was rocking the house on his last song of the tour, how cool that we have that!!  Enjoy......

"It's All Over Now"

And now.......for the very last song of the tour.....The Group Song.....and Casey is just so cute......playing air drums and head banging.....gotta love him!!!  LOL!!!

Yall enjoy, as Casey and the rest, are celebrating the end of a very exciting summer tour!!!

"Casey's Duet w/Big Mike in Chicago" 

"Last Song....The Group Song"

Ok, yall, I'm gonna go to bed, it's been a long day and we've got some really bad thunderstomrms rolling good night my peeps.....see ya 2morrow!


  1. AMEN, Glenda!! I am feeling those withdrawals, but totally agree that the best is yet to come for Casey!! Love the Pics as always!!Thank you for hanging in there!! MAE777

  2. No problem....thanks alot MAE777!! I always appreciate your comments!! And I certainly will be hanging in there!


  4. Yes you are right Glenda I don't know what to do with myself without my daily fix of Casey. So I will be checking here daily for any info you may have and that will just have to be enough. I hope he is getting some rest and enjoying his family. I think I need to go listen to some of his songs on youtube - that should perk me up. Thanks Glenda for this website. I'd be lost without it.

    Susan/St. Louis

  5. That last vampire cheered me up, Glenda, so funny!! But the top 2...Heck! you said, if there was such a thing as a vampire, you wouldn't mind him comming around!! LOL Thanks!! MAE777

  6. The group song was an awesome and loving moment for all. They all looked so happy!!! I couldn't help but notice Crystal's shorts! Just thinking how awesome it would be if Casey and Crystal would sometime in the future put on a concert together. Him in his shorts and cowboy boots, and Crystal in hers!

  7. i sure do miss the videos, pics and articles everyday.i knew it was coming.but what an adjustment,i use to check 6am get kids ready for school hurry back home to read what i just glanced over.why do people want to pair crystal and casey up?they don't share the same musical interest.she's retro and he's country/blues/rock.I don't see a duo at all.DiDi could do country and she's so gorgous,little giggly though i would still like very much to see her get signed and Aaron too.

  8. I don't see a duo at all with those two either. They sing totally different music and are totally different people. I think Casey should stay on his own, he does so well just like that! :)

  9. I agree with Glenda. I think Casey needs to cut all ties with AI. I like Crystal, but I want Casey on his's his music I'm most interested in right now.