Thursday, August 26, 2010

Des Moines, Ia. tonight and Minneapolis Mn. tomorrow and St. Louis pics and video!!

Well, as most of you know by now, Casey went to the hospital last night in St. Louise, Mo. after the show.   Sources say he was treated and released, so I'm just thinking, it was something treatable and he's ok.  Casey is a strong man and he will be just fine.  He may just be tired from not resting well.  Everybody just keep him in your prayers that he continues to get better.

I almost forgot to post the rest of Kimberly's recap from her Portland show!!!
I was looking for it and thought.....mmmm.....did she forget to finish it??!!  Well, she didn''s under the other part.  Just scroll down and you'll see part 2 below!!  Lots of chills and good feelings going on in this recap....loved it!!  Thank you Kimberly for sharing your heartwarming beautiful story with all of us!  "Kimberly's Recap Part 2"
I have a really nice interview from stardust media, and I'm not quite sure where this interview took place, but it's set to some beautiful music you'll definitely remember!  Check out the interview  "Here"

Some really excited fans and friends were at the St. Louis show last night, and they have brought us back some goodies!!  But first, here's one from Denver that has not been seen yet, and I wanted to share with all of you!!

"Have you ever really loved a woman"

A nice review here about Casey, the reviewer wasn't crazy about the show, but showed that they liked the second part of the Idols Live Show better than the first.  Read on  "Here" to see what I'm talking about!!

OMG!!!  I can't believe what I just found!!!  I don't know how this works, but I guess someone nominated Caseymania as best fansite!!!  I am so thrilled about this.....whoever did it, or however we got on the vote list, thank you so very much.....that means the world to me!!!  I'll post the link here, just in case a newby might not know about it!!!  I'm still freaking out.....this is so awesome!!!!  Thanks!!  click there to vote>>>> "Vote Caseymania for Best Fansite"

I think it's waaaaayyyy past time for a little bit of  our own "Mr. Pretty"......what do ya think??  I know this was taken last night at St. Louis but I have no idea who it belongs to because people don't carry the credit with the photo when posting.  I think this may be one of my friends photos, but if not, and it's yours, please come let me know, so I can properly credit you!!

And here is another of my favorites from Dallas......just love this!!!!  And I loved it when I saw him do it!!!  It was an amazing moment that none of us had ever seen......

I'm outta here to look for some more videos or pictures from St. Louis!!  Be back later........

Well, it turns out my sources who were going to upload videos, has been delayed, so hopefully I will have some video from St. Louis tomorrow!!  But I did find this while out trawling of the best shots I've seen in a while.....very nice!!!

Thanks very much to Dr.Finkelstein for this gorgeous shot of Casey!!  Just beautiful!!!

I have one more nice one to post for yall, before saying good-night!  Remember to say a prayer for Casey and Momma James and the rest of the James family before you lay your head down!  See yall tomorrow.......

Thanks so much to my friend Suzanne for her awesome shot of Casey in St. Louis!!


  1. Thanks Glenda for all the new pics and very interesting and exciting recap. I hope Casey is feeling much better today. I've been praying for him. I put my vote in for Caseymania as my best fansite. Thanks for all you do for all the Casey fans and for Casey.

  2. I went and put a vote in for Caseymania as best fansite. What you do is so AWESOME, Glenda. Casey's fans all over the country appreciate what you do SO much to keep us updated on Casey. That picture from St. Louis amazes me- He does look a little rough but he still manages to give the crowd that big old Texas smile of his. Been thinking about him all day and sayin a few prayers and sure hope he gets well soon.

  3. Hey Glenda, thanks for all the good pics,recap, and video today! I'm praying and believing for Casey to be well and finish out this tour with strength and that his body be restored and that his time at home be full of joy, peace, and a time of refreshing! I'm sure they all probably need some down time. I'm voting for Caseymania on the Faxo wall, infact I voted when I first saw it. MAE777

  4. Thank you to all of you....your so kind to say all these sweet words about me, I really appreciate it, and I will continue to do the best I can, and I know the day is coming when there won't be anything I can find new to show yall, but we'll have fun with stuff I've got saved and we'll watch videos over and see pictures over and keep Caseymania fresh with some type of talk until we can start supporting his 1st single!!! I will be posting alot of tips on the best way to go about getting Casey's music heard and how YOU the FANS can be the driving force behind this first album!!! Thank you all again.... love and hugs!!!!

  5. Glenda, thanks so much, once again, for all the Casey is always SO APPRECIATED!!! Luv ya and this wonderful site! I am praying for Casey's good health, as well as the health of his family. I will be so happy for him once he can return home to Texas for that "Home TLC" he is so in need of, even if it's only for a short period of time. I vote whenever I can for the Caseymania site during the day/evening. This site is doing really well already in the voting! YAY!! I LOVE the picture of Casey smiling with his guitar. Everyone have a great day!!


  6. Glenda,every day I can't wait to go to your site to get my Casey fix. You are just the best! I am hoping and praying that Casey gets thru these last tour dates so he can then get some much needed rest. I love all the pictures of Casey - How can a person so beautiful take a bad picture!!!



  7. CaseyMania - Best Fansite!! Glenda rocks!!

  8. Glenda, you know, Casey fans all over the world appreciate what you're doing. So keep up the good work!:)
    Thank you for Caseymania!


  9. Thanks for the "mention" Glenda, but actually that picture was taken by Suzanne Gereaux (we shared our photos with each other) I should have noted her name on that one, MY BAD!!! I just want to give "credit" where credit is DUE! :-) I can't take credit for that beautiful shot!

  10. The man on his *scruffy* hair day (photo by Dr.Finkelstein)... nom nom nom

  11. Thanks so much everybody!!! I'm so glad I'm not boring yall to tears!! Thanks for the support and all the votes....this is so awesome to be recognized for what I do here for yall and Casey and his family!! It's the greatest joy of my life, and I love doing it!!!

    @Jan...thank you sweetie, I'll get that changed!!