Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chicago, Illinois tonight!! Great videos & a Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan

Happy Saturday everyone!!!  I just wanted to get on here briefly and let everybody know that I will be out moving furniture and such with my sisters....(from Mom's house) I won't be back on till late tonight, but I will be back!!  So yall just check back and I'll have a post for ya a little later on today!!  Yall, I hope I don't put my back out doing all this heavy lifting.....ahhhh!!  See ya soon!!  :)

Hi yall.....I'm back!!!  And first off, I need to say.....Shame on me!!  I completely forgot to mention yesterday one of the most famous and loved entertainers of all time, Blues Legend Stevie Ray Vaughan!  That's me, a day late and dollar short.....always!!  Yesterday marked the 20 year anniversary of Stevie's death.  He has always been one of my very favorite  artists and always will be!!  Long live Stevie Ray's Legend!!  The man could play a guitar better than anyone I've ever seen!!!  He had a style all his own, that was rich with blues and little rock style thrown in for good measure!!  If you'll notice in the video I'm posting here, Casey was influenced by this late great Blues Man!!  Several times during it, you will see or hear little things that Casey does in his shows!!  Stevie Ray and Double Trouble released 4 Studio Albums and 1 live album, each one certified Gold with over 500,000 in sales!  Their 4th album, "In Step", (my fav) won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Record!!  Stevie Ray was in a movie, played at an inaugural, and traveled to Europe for many shows there!!  He had made a name for himself......worldwide!!   His debut album was "Texas Flood", and the name of the song in this video.  He played with such passion and soul, I became emotional while watching him again.....the world lost a beautiful blues man on August 27, 1990, shortly after 1 am in East Troy, Wisconsin when the helicopter he was in crashed just seconds after takeoff.  He had just finished a concert with a sold out crowd of 30,000 with the likes of Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, brother Jimmie, and Robert Cray, and was enroute to Chicago for a show there the next day.   In the spring of 1990, he and his older brother, Jimmie, recorded an album together....."Family Style" (another of my favs) and it was released in Sept. of 1990, shortly after Stevie Ray's death.  The 1991 Album "The Sky Is Crying" was the first of several albums released after Stevie Ray's death and debuted at #7 on the US charts and went on to win a Grammy and was Certified Platinum!!
I apologize for writing so much about Stevie Ray, but I felt so bad about forgetting that yesterday was marked as a day in history that we lost one of the most talented guitarists to ever live!  Watch the video below and see the little things that Casey does, you can hear it if you pay close attention.  Oh, and while I'm dropping all the Stevie Ray facts I can tonight, Stevie also plays his Strat with one Casey.....not on this song, but another one, and if I can find it, I'll post that as well!!  Check out Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble doing   "Texas Flood-The Long Version"

Now.....we can get back to our Casey, but I'm sure he won't mind that I dedicated half this page to a True Blues Legend!!  
I have videos from St. Louis and Minneapolis!!  So check those out below:  the first 4 are from Minneapolis and the same person!!!!  Squeeeeeeee!!!!!  I love it when I find 'em all together by the same person......well.....of course you know that.....cause I say it every time.....ummm.....yall just tell me to shut up anytime!!!  :D  :D  :D 
And you'll notice that I don't have "It's All Over Now" part 1 because for some reason it says the person took it off.....removed it from youtube.....hmmm.  Ok, maybe there was an error in uploading or something!  I'll keep looking for it or another video by someone else.
The next 3 are also from the same person and from St. Louis!  Another squeeeeeeeee!!!  :D

In the meantime, I found a really cool shot of Casey at one of the last 3 shows.....once credit, so if it's yours and you recognize it, let me know so I can credit you.....(sorry yall, if I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but I really would love to credit the person it belongs to)!  Thanks!

"I Got Mine-part 1"

"I Got Mine-part 2"

"It's All Over Now part 2"


All 4 of the above videos are courtesty of paulafeely!  Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!

And now......from St. Louis......(my peeps had internet probs....sorry for the delay...) they are now.....3 of Casey's set......the night he was taken to the hospital because of sickness, assuming it was the same thing he's been battling all along.  And he ROCKED that stage.....sick!!!  If that's not dedication to his fans.....I don't know what is.....he's  Amazing.....hands down!!!  Thats why we love him so much!!!  :)

"I Got Mine"


"It's All Over Now"

Thank you so much to dm91367 for these wonderful videos!!! 

I came across one of the most heartfelt descriptions I've ever read of Casey!!  I love her whole story so much, I'm just gonna post it for yall to enjoy as well!!  This is very well written, and speaks volumes to my heart.....check out what she wrote  "HERE"                                                                                              

 Thank you so much to evilizabeth for sharing with us!!

 I wanted to share one of my favorite shots I made from a video, and don't ya just love the hair over that one blue eye.... :) 

Here's another favorite of mine, from the Homecoming!!  And it's mine, so no credit is due.... Ha ha....

Ok yall....I'm gonna go to bed soon, I've had a hard day moving and all and my body is complaining at me right now.... to bed I go and hope to have lots of awesome stuff from the show in Chicago tonight!!  Yall have a great night and beautiful Sunday.....gnite!


  1. yeah 3 more to go,then casey gets to go back home and rest!.did you know there's a houston texan player by the name of james casey he's from ft.worth.he's even nice looking too.#86
    how awsome!but i'm a dallas fan

  2. Glenda, you are too much! I love reading your blog because you are so informative and also really funny.

    When the Idol Tour is done I am going to miss my Casey fix soooo badly. Following his rise to fame has been almost all-consuming for several months now. How will we cope with him working hard in the studio and not being followed daily??

    I'm so very happy for Casey and wish him the best. I'm sure we all look forward, with much anticipation, to his album. Just watching him play brings such joy! He connects with fans so deeply, I can't understand it or explain it. He just does - so amazing!!

    Thanks again Glenda, for all you do and will continue to do. We all feel your love for all things Casey. We're in this thing together!

  3. Have to share this with you after your SRV tribute. My little concert buddy, Ashley, has a boyfriend who apparently is way into guitar and according to Ash is 'awesome!' (of course!) So she was on the phone with him and I said, "Ask him if he knows who Stevie Ray Vaughan is." His response, "Of course!" (like doesn't everyone?!) The kid is 16. I'm pretty sure you catch the significance of this. SRV is ageless and forever!