Friday, July 2, 2010

Casey Rocked the Palace!

From the looks of things on the internet and from testimonials from Fans who witnessed first's a pretty good guess that our blonde angel from Texas totally rocked the Palace in Auburn Hills, Mi. last night!
He started his set with a song....I quite honestly had never heard and also a group I had never heard of there ya go....he is still doing that same thing he did on Idol!!  :)  And I think it's awesome that he seems to pick songs, that are not terribly 'known' by the public!!  And I've loved every one of them.  Now....back to his first song of his set....."I Got Mine" "The Black Key's".  WOW!!!!  Casey promised alot of guitar riffs....and let me tell you....he did not any  means!!  He really tore it up.....walked all over the stage and was doing some things with  his body that I had only seen once before.....when he was playing the Blues at the Key's Lounge at his Homecoming!!!  He was totally rocking it out of the house!!  I was only able to see it via Livecast....and it was not perfect by any means, but even what I heard and saw....omg.....he was definitely.....most definitely in his comfort zone!!!  He played and moved around the stage and was totally doing his thing....all the while smoke was billowing in the was amazing!!!!  The lighting was done so well, and really made him look so good....well, he's so good without the lighting, but it made him 'glow' even more than usual!!  I am so sure he was the happiest man on this earth during his whole set!!!

Then, he began playing an acoustic guitar, strumming off the beginning notes of one of my all time favs...."Don't".....a very lovely and well written love song that Casey literally pours his heart he melts everyone listening into a heap on the floor......*lol*.....not literally of course.....but all I know is.....he sings so much from his heart and soul, that you actually 'feel' the song as he's singing.....he draws you in....and you feel his every emotion
. Then.....
out of the middle of "Don't",(we didn't see this one coming) someone brings him an electric guitar and takes the acoustic.....and he goes into a lead that nearly floors me!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes and ears.....he didn't do this on Idol either.....oh my......this man is so extremely's unreal......and he's just NOW getting to show the world who Casey James is, and I couldn't be happier!!

And then he calls his buddy Big Mike out, and guess it.....another guitar change.... then they go into their beautiful duet......"Have you ever loved a Woman".   Casey accompany's he and Mike with some beautiful Spanish licks that totally enhance the beauty of this very touching love song.  Their harmonies and leads are so beautifully matched, it's unreal.  I never dreamed they would sound so wonderful together!

After that, another guitar change.....electric this time....(are you counting???  Yep, thats 5!!) and low and behold.....he takes off on another one of my favs from the show......."It's All Over Now"!!!!   omg.....I love the way he does this song......and talk about some guitar playing......he was ALL OVER it!!!!!   Please don't quote me on this......but I'm almost certain he was playing with a slide tool on his finger......I'm almost sure of it......because from what I could hear......there was that definite twang sound that the slide does!!   I was so loving this song......and he played for a while.....and his riffs were soooooo cool!!!!  Seemed like it went on forever and I was lavishing every second of it!!!!!  

Amazingly he did all this and all these songs in a about a 15 minute time window!!!   I managed to find another video or two, and on This One he is talking about his on and off again annoying sickness.....that just seems to never want to let go of him!!  Bless his heart!!!  I was told that Oil of Oregano was the absolute cure for sinusitis, so Debra or Billy, if either of you are reading this.....please get some to him asap!!!
  I really want Casey to feel good as he goes through his first tour!!!

Ok, here is a really good video of  "Don't"

And this is a different video from the one I posted last night
Many thanks to leajo20 for this awesome capture! 

And I just found this one, of that superb performance of   "I Got Mine"
Thanks a bunch to the very talented anaperfoncio1

Be back later with more!  Stuff should be coming in pretty soon from the Milwaukee Show!  I'll try to start posting tonight, but....may have to wait till tomorrow.  Just sayin'

And now I've found a really great video of Casey singing "It's All Over Now" 

Another WOW....he absolutely OWNED that stage and you could see the smile on his face.....he was loving all those guitar riffs.....he does them so incredibly well.....he blows my mind every time!!

And it was so sweet.....he said 'thank you Michigan, I love you'!!!  How proud they must have been when he said that.....what an amazingly beautiful person!!

I know this has nothing what-so-ever to do with the Tour, but I just quickly wanted to put this video in here so yall could see it!  It's Casey during that 'Purse Party' on the beach in LA.....and he's singing.........."Satisfied"

Enjoy.......this is a really really good one.....and very clear!  Thanks to Livenation for their excellent work!


  1. Thanks for this great video of Satisfied - one of my favorites from the Keys Lounge Homecoming.
    Now, the only thing that would make it better, actually, 2 things, is if he was using his electric guitar instead of the acoustic, and if he took off the sunglasses. See, we are soooo spoiled - we just want more, more, more. Luv ya,Casey - you're the best!

  2. Casey was awesome performing "Satisfied"...WOW, what a musician! Love him!