Thursday, July 15, 2010

New pics & ect. from Manchester~Idols in Hershey, Pa. today

I hope everyone's day is going just hunky dory!  It's another sizzling *hot* day in Texas today!  Believe I will stay in under the AC today and update my blog!  One of my many 'twitter friends' has started her own blog, as well.....showcasing her many beautiful graphic arts work with Casey's photos as her subjects!  Her work is absolutely, go see how well she showcases our Casey!  Click  "Here"

to see her new blog!  In the meantime here is one of her creations here....thanks Jennie

It seems Casey had a late night twitter party and me, the Night Owl missed it!  And it was a very long twitter party this time....shucks.....just my luck!  He revealed the song and artist of the day......Doyle Bramhall ll "Problem Child"
and a good choice, I might this guy and all his music!!  Ok, so theres the homework.....

So here's a really nice pic of Casey in Manchester last the hat.....he must wear it looks like he was born to wear a hat......

Ok, well, I can't seem to get this photo to download properly, but here is the link......just click it and see what a great pic this is......
I will try and find more on that late night/early morning twitter party......I'll scout around and ask a few questions and see if some fans can remember a few of the Q & A......

It seems Casey suggested a good way for all of us to help him keep his hair!!  He said a while back that he was growing his hair out to donate it to "Locks of Love"
a wonderful organization that makes hair pieces and wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair due to the treatment of cancer.  He said if 100 people would pledge to donate their hair to Locks of Love, then maybe he won't cut his hair.  So if you want in on this, please click the link above.  I'm thinking about it, not sure if I can stand that much hair on my head.....but I certainly want to get in on this.  I've got a good start, as my hair is longer than it's been in 10 yrs. right I probably will do this....I don't have long to go, to get to 10 inches, which is the length it has to be to donate it!  Let me know in a comment, if you decide to do this!
More later......

Another photo just surfaced from the show last night in Manchester.....and from the looks of it.....he was playing....."All Over Now".....

 Thanks to mjsbigblog for this great pic!

A nice review popped up a little bit ago from the Pittsburgh Tribune. Read all about it right here
I decided to get busy and create something.....guess my sketchy creativity is raring it's head today!  Here ya go.....
Totally Breathtaking.....Need I say more?? 

I came across this cool review from MJ....and Casey gets the blue ribbon from him!  Check out his full recap of the Manchester, N.H. show!!

The first interview of the day in Hershey, Pa. has been posted and you can view it here as Casey talks with Fox 43 news about what he looks forward to in his future! 

A few little 'Casey facts' came out in last nights late night twitter party!  

1) He loves Garth Brooks and named off these songs as favs....Rodeo, Thunder Rolls, The Dance and The River

2) He is a George Strait Fan

3) His 2nd Career choice.....A Fighter Pilot

4)He says even if he had a choice to do different songs each night on the tour, he would not.

5)His bunk on the bus is UNDER Big Mike's bunk....that sounds dangerous....eeeekkk he hopes they are constructed well!

6)The guy he jams with on "I Got Mine" is named Tim Stewart

It's time for the 'late night sandwich video'!!  I do believe this is gonna be an every night far it's been going on for a few nights now and @latenightsandwich even has it's on twitter!!  lol!!!   lets hope it continues.....Casey is soooo adorable in this segment......check out
Casey's late night moves

Oh wow....we got lucky and got another 'late night sandwich' it is!!
Twitter party going on right now.....details in the morning!!
:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)


  1. Thanks again Glenda for bringing us all this great Casey news!! I know it's a labor of love considering your subject, the one and only,amazing, lovable, adorable,talented, wonderful, beautiful soul...CASEY JAMES!! I pray all his dreams come true!! MAE777

  2. A twitter fan asked Casey what's one thing he has learned from his mama and he said, "Morals. And what's really important in life."
    It is not very common to find someone in the "entertainment" industry who cares about morals these days. What a gem we have found in this talented muscian!
    Thanks, Glenda for your site, it is always so full of sunshine and good news!

  3. Thanks so much Anon and MAE! I really appreciate the sweet words! I always try to keep everything as positive as possible! Only the best for our boy! That is so true about morals, and thats one of the things is so attractive about him...he really is a 'good' person!

  4. Nice site your friend started, I'm going to check it daily as I do yours! The artwork she does is beautiful. I'm glad to see Casey giving interviews, as it gives him more exposure which is always a good thing. I really liked the picture you did of Casey. I think it would make a cool CD cover! Nice job! Thanks for providing fans with the newest on Casey! Luv him!

  5. I can't see Casey's moves on the newest "late nite sandwich" :(

  6. I came back and tried again. I got to see Casey's moves this time. I don't know what was wrong earlier! Too cute! Is he wearing his jammies? Thanks, again, for all the terrific info! Lots of good stuff if you ask me. My concert is next week and I am so excited!!!

  7. Looks like Casey is wearing Mickey Mouse boxers with those funky elevator type slippers that hike you up another four inches and puff out 4 inches wider than your foot. This attire is perfect when accompanied by the sandwich dance!

  8. The most unbelievably funny Casey dancing I've seen yet is on the Snippets. It's not just Crystals up-in-the-air leg twirls or Casey's incredibly funny dance moves, what tops it off is this huge frown Casey wears on his face while he's doing it. Hysterical!

  9. Love the No Words____Only Love pic with the hat. Beautiful!!